A huge thanks to all of the presenters and participants in Thursday nights’ first Slideshow & Tell. It was by all accounts a great success, with five fabulous presentations and a lot of enthusiasm.

I want to send a special thanks to the presenters who dedicated so much time and courage to this huge effort. You made it work!

We were lucky enough to get some video and will be posting that soon. In the meantime, pencil in the next event for the end of March.


Hey folks! The word is out about Slideshow & Tell!

Check out our write up on Broke-Ass Stewart’s Goddamn Website, a venerable source for free fun. And thanks “Stewart,” or whomever you may be…

Emily Gallagher lives in Brooklyn and works as a guide, museum educator and activist. She spends her free time exploring the city and investigating interesting buildings and people through public records and documents. She loves the New York Times archives and personal narrative documentaries. She is especially passionate about social history & the history of everyday life. She also occasionally writes plays, poems and is trying to reteach herself the saxophone.

Here’s what Emily’s bringing to the show Thursday:

Newtown Creek, once known as the “Little Mississippi of the North”, is the waterway that separates North Brooklyn from Queens. It is also considered one of the most toxic sites in America and is being considered as a Federally designated Superfund site. Where is it? Why is it so polluted? And what the hey is Superfund? Come learn (a little bit) about it from Emily Gallagher, volunteer Environmental & Open Space organizer for Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, a North Brooklyn community watchdog group.

Brienne & Rebecca (last names withheld to protect the innocent until proven guilty) are illustrators and writers who daylight as IT professionals and officey-types. This Thursday, they will be a presenting a “Platonic exploration of the environment of despair.” Says Ms. Rebecca, “We will touch on such themes as selfishness, society, cake and cats.”

Below, a visual preview of what’s to come!

The first Slideshow & Tell is only a few days away! To whet your appetites, we’re giving you a preview of the fantastic presenters and their fascinating talks.

First up: Kira Birney, or Miss Birney as her blog suggests. Kira is the founder of the Hearts & Crafts Affair, a semiannual craft fair that takes place at Cafe Grumpy, featuring local crafts-people and their wares. A renowned artist and crafter in her own right, you can see some of her work on website or on display this month at Variety coffee shop in Greenpoint (formerly Lucky Shot).

A word from Kira about her presentation on Thursday night:

“Heartfelt, is my oral and visual documentation of the evolution of the hearts and crafts affair, through the lens of my aesthetic experience. I believe the environment of the craft fair is an accumulation of my aesthetic education. As a retired art teacher I am constantly trying to continue my role as a creative facilitator, the hearts and crafts affair has been a great venue for me continue that practice.”

Personal story: The first time I met Kira, she asked me to draw a mermaid kitty. She asks this of many people. See the project on the Mermaid Kitty Gallery.